In the National park centre Falkenstein you will find a lot of things to do:

Haus der Wildnis
The visitor centre informs it's guests about the national parks Bavarian forest and Sumava, as well as the rest of the region. The focus of the exhibition is the information about the development of the forest back to a primeval forest.

While walking to the Haus der Wildnis you will be guided through the animal enclosure.

An informative film, displays and 3D animations illustrate the changes in climate, landscape and wildlife since the last Ice Age and the ensuing post glacial era, and also show how human beings - through developments in hunting techniques - responded to the environment and climate changes.

Treetop path
The new treetop path of the Bavarian Forest National Park has made it possible to walk in unspoilt nature 8 to 25 metres above ground and to experience these unrivalled perspectives. The entrance to the world’s largest path of this type is located at the car park at the animal enclosures and reached via an entry tower, which with its lift provides senior citizens, wheelchair users and parents with buggies an easy and trouble-free visit.

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